White Label PDF Export Has Landed on AppTweak

By Laurie Galazzo
White Label PDF Export has Landed on AppTweak

This is it! We’ve just launched our PDF Export feature! Needless to say that we’re extremely happy and excited. Do you ever need to provide App Store Optimization (ASO) reports to your clients or colleagues? Well, this new feature will save you a lot of time. You can now export any ASO report to PDF and actually customize it.

Yes, cu-sto-mize it. Edit it. Brand it. Personalize it.

In other words, you will be able to remove all traces of AppTweak branding. Are you excited? Read below for more details.

Audit, optimize and monitor your app with AppTweak

For those of you who are not familiar with our ASO platform yet, here’s a small recap of what we provide.

AppTweak’s most unique feature is certainly its instant and automated ASO reports. You can generate any app’s ASO report (from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store) in over 60 countries and get a global overview of the ASO performance of any apps.

These ASO reports review each important ASO elements influencing the app stores’ algorithms and, therefore, impacting app store discoverability. Actionable recommendations and best practices are provided in each section. Our ASO reports are a great way to audit your app’s visibility and performance.

Along with these ASO reports, AppTweak provides you with a powerful and homemade keyword tool allowing you to optimize your app’s discoverability. Our keyword tool supports 6 native languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German and Portuguese (more languages coming soon). No automatic translation is used – only optimized keywords.

Finally, AppTweak allows you to monitor your app store performance by tracking your app’s rankings and keywords’ rankings in time. You can also monitor your competitors’ performance and their ASO strategy.

Edit, customize and export to PDF your ASO reports in just a click

Today, we’re launching a brand new and unique feature: the PDF Export. All ASO reports you’re viewing on AppTweak can now be exported to a beautiful PDF file and then printed and shared with your partners or clients.

That’s already very nice, right? Well, we even went further than that… not only you can export ASO reports to a classic PDF file (branded with AppTweak logo), you can also entirely customize this PDF before exporting it (White Label PDF).

Basically, here’s what you can do:

  • Download classic AppTweak branded ASO reports.
  • Download White Labeled ASO reports: edit and brand reports with your company logo, colors and remove all traces of AppTweak branding.
  • Choose which section you want to display by turning off or on a criterion.
  • Add your own personal advices and remarks on each section.
  • Add a personal introduction and/or conclusion; choose to add your tagline, name, date and contact information.
  • Choose the format: A4 or US Letter.


Download here an example of a Classic PDF Export.

Download here an example of a Custom PDF Export.

Excel Export now available

Along with the PDF export, we thought that giving you the possibility to export your whole ASO report to Excel would also be very convenient for your business.

This allows you to integrate our data in your own management platforms and create your own statistics.

Download here an example of a XLS Export.

Note that we also offer the access to all our data via an API.

Where can I find these features?

On the top of each ASO report, you will find 3 buttons as shown in the picture below:


Export to PDF: Clicking on this button will instantly download the ASO report to PDF (AppTweak branded). You can export to PDF an unlimited number of AppTweak ASO report. (feature available in plans: Guru or Enterprise)
Customize PDF: If you want to customize an ASO report, simply click on this button. You will then be redirected to the edition panel where you will be able to customize, brand and edit each section of the ASO report (White Label). According to your plan, you can export to PDF a limited number of White Label ASO report per month. (feature and number available in plans: Guru (5) or Enterprise (15)).
Export to XLS: To export your ASO report to an XLS file, simply click on this button. According to your plan, you can export to PDF a limited number of XLS ASO report per month. (feature and number available in plans: Guru (5) or Enterprise (15)).

Download here an example of a Classic PDF Export.

Download here an example of a Custom PDF Export.

Download here an example of a XLS Export.

One more thing

As usual, we always benefit from a new release to update several improvements regarding our tool, design and general performance.

Spoiler alert: We can already tell you that by early April 2016, we will release an extreme makeover of our Keyword Tool. It’s going to be epic.

We hope that these new features will be useful to you and they will save a lot of (precious) time in your future projects.

Please let us know your impressions and feel free to suggest new features or new improvements so that we can keep improving according to your expectations!

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P.S: send us an email if you want to benefit from a 20% discount on our two new plans (Guru and Enterprise). Hurry up! This offer is valid until March 18th 2016 at 11.59pm CET.

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